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Celebrities, tourists, and Austinites alike enjoy the casual atmosphere, live music, and great Mexican food Guero’s has to offer. raves about the diverse menu from delicious breakfast items that are offered all day long to our mouthwatering lunch and dinner options.  For our thirsty customers, we have an extensive drink menu with beers, margaritas, and of course tequila!

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Read all about FollowMeFoodie’s awesome experience at Guero’s! Your mouth will definitely start watering as you look at the pictures this blogger took of what he had to eat at Guero’s. FollowMeFoodie recommends trying the Carne Guisada and the fish taco when you come in to eat. He also really enjoyed the chips & salsa and fresh guacamole! Yum!

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We are happy to have come across these bloggers who visited Austin during Batfest. They seem to know their stuff about margaritas, and we are happy to have impressed them with ours at Guero’s! Here’s an exerpt:

“As an aside, here’s a word about margaritas: they’re not green. They don’t look like slush puppies, and aren’t as sweet as candy. They’re not made with bar mix of any kind. If someone makes you a margarita with any of the features named above, by all means drink it, but don’t think it’s a margarita. Margaritas have three ingredients: good tequila, an orange liqueur, like cointreau or triple sec and fresh-squeezed lime juice, shaken and poured over ice in a small glass. If you absolutely must, salt the rim. That’s it, that’s all. Anything else is like buying Spam at the grocery store and serving it for Easter. Guero’s margaritas are done very right, indeed. A small glass of refreshing perfection”

They also seemed infatuated with our “BEST EVER” quesadillas.

Here, we snacked on some guacamole and what turned out to be the BEST EVER quesadilla. Soft flour tortillas with chorizo, tomato and onion with good jack cheese, accompanied by sour cream, more guacamole and jalapeno slices. We imagine that they toasted the tortillas on a flatop or in a pan to brown them a little and then steamed them until the cheese melted. As a result we didn’t get any hard and dried out tortillas, just soft and pillowy, oozing with filling.

Happy Mouth Blogger's Pic of Our Quesadillas!

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We love nothing more than being recognized as a loved Austin bar and restaurant (okay, maybe mexican food). Read what others are saying about Guero’s Taco Bar.

“Very interesting bar located on 6th Street Bar Austin is famous as Guero’s Taco Bar since 1986 Guero’s Taco Bar is popular taqueria South Austin bar is friendly and the type of climate in history has a lovely decoration as well as photos of the Mexican revolution , Guero’s Taco Bar has a self-service salsa bar salsa bar is a taste of traditional bar Guero’s restaurant offers a sidewalk garden look very clean. You’ll also receive a private garden, you may have had some lovely, fresh Mexican food. Bar offers food, you create something to do with the invention of self, and formulas such as Caldo – to – Pollo is chicken soup full of vegetables, fresh corn tortillas In addition, the band is very famous. They are really cool.”

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Thanks again Austin, we will continue to bring in “really cool” bands and keep the salsa coming! Guero’s loves Austin, Texas.

Foodie blogger Sophie Olsen spent six days in and around Austin. She became inspired to see who had the best flan. If you don’t know, flan is a delicious custard dessert with caramelized sugar on top. After six days in Austin and six different flans — Guero’s came out on top!